Comment Pickers

Are you looking for a tool to easily pick a winner for your social media contests and giveaways without login. Use our free comment pickers tool to randomly pick your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube contest winners.

Facebook Comment Pickers

Pick Random winners for the Facebook giveaway with our Facebook Comment picker. Choose the criteria of the giveaway, and our tool will get you one or multiple winners on the screen.

Instagram Comment Pickers

Copy the Instagram Giveaway URL and Paste it on the Instagram comment picker to pick the dedicated Participant for a giveaway.

Automatically specify the rules and gets a Winner for your Instagram Giveaway with the help of our Instagram comment picker.

YouTube Comment Pickers

Use our Advanced Filters and features to select a random winner from a YouTube Giveaway. It’s automatic yet reliable to pick a winner.

Twitter Retweet Pickers

Get one or multiple winners for a Twitter Giveaway with the help of our Twitter comment picker. It’s free to use for an unlimited time.


Comment Pickers is a one-stop platform for everyone who wants to host a giveaway or contest to select a winner for your company page, influencer account, and many more.

In the platform, you will get the giveaway or contest participant comment selection on a random basis for all of the social media platforms.

Our homepage has included all the social media options you can use depending on your usage.

The best thing about using this Tool is that you don’t have to pay for any of its services. Yes, we have not included any subscription options that allow everyone to host as many giveaways or contest as possible without any restrictions.


Comment Pickers are beneficial for people from different industries, whether an individual or companies. If you are an influencer and want to give something back to your followers, the best thing you could do is to host an event on the page where you give prizes, vouchers, online services, or many more.

With the help of commentpickers.com, you can easily select any random comment from the contest post by using commentpickers.com.

Suppose you are running a company; it’s important to stick your targeted customers with the brand online through giveaways or contests.

It attracts new customers to your company, which increases the identity of the company. So, you can use commentpickers.com and select a random winner from the giveaway.


Commentpickers.com is beneficial for everyone who wants an instant name of participation on the screen without willingly selecting a participant. Usually, the participants think that they are not selected due to giving importance or favors to the selected one.

With Commentpickers.com, you are safe from manually picking the winners, which is time-consuming. Meanwhile, the winners are selected randomly, which makes the winner’s selection process transparent.

Another reason you need to consider this platform is that none of your Page or influencer account data will be compromised.

We are not asking anyone to create an account on our platform and accept the terms and conditions to use it. You only need to copy the giveaway or contest post link and paste it on the field to get the winner’s details. Usually, other platforms ask you to create an account and then accept their terms and conditions.

In those conditions, you have to a checkmark on some options that may create issues for you to lose the page ownership and many other things.

However, we don’t demand such requirements that may create any issues for you, and you are safe to use the services.


Comment Pickers is easy to use platform, and the selection of random winners for a giveaway or contest post is the same for every social media platform.

First of all, you need to copy the post Link of the giveaway or contest you are hosting on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Now, click on the same Comment picker social media platform option where you are hosting the giveaway and paste the link on the text field.

For every Social media platform, you will see the options below the text field, and you have to select them to get the winner’s name on the screen. Depending on your needs, you can also select multiple winners for the giveaway or contest.

Meanwhile, it also provides features inside where you can easily remove fraud or spammers from the giveaway or contest. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answering to Your Queries

Commentpickers is free to use for anyone, and there are no limitations over its usage in a day, month, and year. So you don’t have to pay for anything.

You are not required to log in to the platform to use its features. We have kept it safe for visitors and don’t require someone’s personal details to use our services. Usually, other tool platforms ask for the personal Page or account details and also checkmarks on various terms and conditions that can apply changes to your accounts. However, we are not intended to do it.

In private accounts where a person is meant to host a giveaway/contest for selected ones who are already connected with the account, the platform is not allowed to show results for such types of private accounts. So, you need to ensure that it has to be public whenever you paste a post link; otherwise, the platform will show an error on the screen.

You can easily get the winner’s details for the contest/giveaway on our platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.