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Facebook Comment Pickers without Login

Are you the one who has a Facebook Group, Page, or account that contains hundreds of thousands of Followers? If so, then you may be looking to give back something precious to your followers that can let them know how important you consider them because of their keen interest in your stories, Images, and everything that you post.

In that case, the only thing that you want to do is to plan a giveaway where you can select the number of winners to whom you can offer dinner, prize money, gift, or anything else. Meanwhile, you also want to make those investments worthier for yourself in terms of gaining more followers on your Facebook page, group, or account.

For that purpose, Facebook comment pickers tends to be the most effective online tool that is free and can help you to consider single or multiple winners from a contest or giveaway that you host on Facebook.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Comment Pickers?

Facebook comment pickers have multiple benefits for a person to use for their group, page, or account post. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

Fast: First of all, the use of a Facebook comment pickers can allow you to select a single or multiple participant from a giveaway or contest on auto-mode. Yes, you don’t need to go through all of the comments and select the person who is genuinely deserving of the contest. As a human, you could make some errors in understanding the right winner. However, the Facebook comment pickers who selects the winner purely from the exceptions you have included will only select the deserving winners for you.

Accurate: As said earlier in the above point, you have to set up the exceptions inside the tool to select the winner of the contest or giveaway. For that purpose, you just need to select the given filters in the tool that can get you the deserving participant or participants onto the screen. In this way, you have the opportunity to get accurate results out of the contest, which is quite amazing.

Plenty of things to do: As Facebook comment pickers can get you the winner onto the screen within minutes; you don’t need to go through the entire procedure of selecting the winners by yourself. Well, this can save you plenty of time to do other important things.

Whatever you believe is the integral thing to do in the entire contest or giveaway period, you can easily do it with plenty of time left for you. Therefore, it has a lot to offer you in terms of doing different things.


Facebook Comment pickers is a free tool for anyone to use for a giveaway or contest. Therefore, anyone who has no budget to select a winner from a giveaway can trust the Facebook comment pickers.

How to use Facebook Comment Pickers?

As you have heard a lot of things about a Facebook Comment Pickers, now you would be looking to know the use of this tool. Well, below is the detailed procedure that you can follow to use the Facebook comment pickers.

Step 1: In the first step, you have to open the official website “https://www.commentpickers.com”. Within the website, you will see the Facebook comment pickers menu or section on the home screen. Click on the option and it will take you to the login page where you need to enter the Facebook details to log in to your account inside the tool.

If you are facing any errors when clicking on the Facebook login button, you may be using an ad blocker or other extension. Therefore, you need to off them at the time of log-in your Facebook details on the platform.

Step 2: After entering the information, the next thing you need to do is to follow all of the relevant considerations onto the home screen. In other words, whatever the list of SOPs is mandatory to follow, you need to follow them to access the account. Normally, it will ask you to permit the platform to access Facebook information, which must need to allow.

Step 3: In the third step, you need to get directly to the giveaway post that is published on your Facebook profile, group, or page. From there, the tool will start getting all of the details of the comment that is inside the post. While the details are filtered, it will take some time so you have to wait for sometimes till the result will appear on the screen.

While you are expecting results that are based purely on merit, you have a list of other options to explore depending on your needs. Like, If you would be planning to expect multiple winners for the contest or giveaway; you can make the filtrations accordingly to get the winner. There is a lot of untapped information available there that you would get to know about after reading adequately.

Step 4: In step 4, you will have the list of winners on the screen. Now, you can create a new post and announce the winner of the giveaway you have hosted. 

It’s that simple and easy to understand for a newbie or experienced person.

How Does Facebook Comment Pickers Work?

Facebook comment pickers works totally upon the filtrations applied by a user for selecting one or multiple persons out of hundreds of thousands of people. Depending upon the filtration, it removes all of the persons who are not genuinely playing their part in the contest. It genuinely selects the people from the contest who are making positive steps to promote the giveaway or contest. So, they are all highlighted in the tool, and the one who is more deserving to win the contest based on the likes or anything else in the comments, they are straightaway considered in the winning list.

The best thing about the use of Facebook comment pickers is that it works upon the merit system. So, nothing fraudulent or cheeky activity would happen in the selection of the winner, which is a very positive thing.

You don’t have to type in all of the details of the people into the tool who are participating. It can automatically get the details of every person when you log in to the Facebook account, group, or page. So, it makes that procedure easier for you.

What are the List of Features Available in Facebook Comment Pickers?

You are motivated to make this giveaway as transparent as possible. Well, it’s possible for you by setting up the filters for the contest or giveaway. So what is the list of filtration features? Let’s discuss them in the below section.

Include Comment Replies: Let’s say you have to make it mandatory that whoever is participating in the giveaway/contest they must contain replies to the comment section, for that, you can tick mark this filter option to scrap only the details of participants who have got the replies on to the comment section and the rest of the participants will be out from the contest/giveaway.

Select the Number of Winners: First of all, you need to decide the number of winners from a Contest or Giveaway hosted on the Facebook page, Group, or profile. For that purpose, selecting the number of winners filter would help you a lot. You can select 1 or as many winners as possible for a contest or giveaway.

Like the Post: The feature will select the number of participants who have liked the giveaway/contest post. If anyone has commented on the contest/giveaway but has not liked the post, whether they have got a high number of likes or comments on the comments, they will not be considered in the giveaway or contest.

Specific Text Comment: Let’s say you have initiated that anyone who is participating in the contest/giveaway has to type specific text in the comment section, now, if any participant has not typed the same specific text into the comment section, they will not be considered for the winner list. It doesn’t matter how many likes or comments they have had on the post, the feature will not consider them in the winner’s list.

Duplicate Users: The duplicate user filtration will help you to remove all those participants who have commented on the giveaway/contest post more than one time. In this way, you can keep the list of participants as managed as possible along with quickly getting the results.

Exclude or Blacklist: If any participant is taking the help of inappropriate or illegal activities to participate in the contest, their names will automatically remove with the help of exclude or blacklist feature in the Facebook comment pickers.

Addition of Extra entries: If you have some extra entries on your mind that you need to include in the giveaway, then the participant has to care about those entries when participating in the giveaway. For that, anyone who has followed the same rules, their name will be considered in the winner’s list otherwise this filter will remove their name from the contest or giveaway.

Remove Winners: The remove winners feature will remove all of the participants in the contest/giveaway who don’t come on merit in the contest/giveaway.

Why Comment Pickers?

Facebook Comment pickers is designed and developed by “JahaSoft Ltd”, which is providing various other services as well to online users. With long-term experience and expert team members, we have come up to this stage where the prestigious platforms do consider us for a lot of the things that they are not capable to do. Moreover, we are reliable and have registered with various departments.

On top of that, whatever services we are offering to the customers, we do have strict policies regarding the security of the platform. In other words, we don’t make it possible for third-party applications to make any illegal activities on our platforms that can exploit the user experience. Also, we are 24/7 available to help you out with whatever issues you are facing on our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Facebook comment pickers is a tool that is designed to help out influencers, businesses, or service providers to host a giveaway or contest for their users and select a winner. During the entire procedure, not a single penny will be charged to the person who is using the tool. Anyone can use it for an unlimited period as there are no specific limitations.

As we are not working as an extension that can fetch the winner data for you; therefore, you have to log in on our platform and allow access to your profile, group, or page where you are hosting the giveaway. It will help us to fetch all of the information appropriately and select the winner for you.

It may be possible that you are expecting to get the result of a winner for a Facebook giveaway or contest but the tool will show an error. It only happens when you are trying to get the winner’s details of a Facebook profile, page, or group that is personal or not your authority. In such cases, the data will never appear on the screen and you will see an error message. Therefore, make sure to only consider the giveaway or contest posts you own.

Yes, the Facebook comment pickers allows you to select the winners from a giveaway/contest that is hosted on a group or page. You can also get the winner from the reels.

We are only limited to reading out the information of a Facebook profile, page, or group the moment you have log-in your Facebook handle on our platform. We are not allowed and there are no reasons for us to save your data to the platform. You can remove our app from the Facebook app and it will wipe out all of the information from our side.

After the giveaway/contest winner you get from this tool, the next thing that comes to your mind is to disallow permission or access to the tool for your Facebook page, group, or profile. For that, you can log out of the Facebook account from our platform. Otherwise, you can do it by accessing the Facebook account settings and removing our website/platform from the list.