Any information you will see on¬†¬†shared by the “us, we, or our” side is for informational purposes for the visitors. Some of the details would be to let you know about the platform, while some of them is to let you understand the right way of its usage along with the other important things. So, you need to follow everything, and if found not accepting it, then legal action will be taken against it.

Changes in the Platform:

With time, you will see many changes in the platform, like the Features, Theme, Fonts, background color, and many more. So, you are not liable to ask us any questions about why we have changed it. We do such things to make the user experience of the customer advanced, meaningful, and easier.

External Links:

Within the website, you will see a lot of External links. Some of them may point out the other platforms owned by us. However, some of them may get you to another platform that doesn’t own by us. So, if you get into trouble, you are not liable to ask us questions as we are not responsible for any issues caused to you by following the links. But, we only intended to keep the external links that are useful for the visitors.

Advertisement Policies:

Generally, we are not charging any amount to the visitors to use our services and features. However, we do have to invest a huge amount in the maintenance of the website every month. Therefore, we set advertisements on our website so the visitors who come on our platform, we can earn from those advertisements to easily fulfill the amount for the maintenance of the website. If you have any concerns about the advertisement, then you are not liable to ask any questions about us for that. Meanwhile, the advertising companies we consider for the website are reliable and famous worldwide. So, they do ask for personal details like cookies of the visitors on which they show the relevant advertisements to the visitors that they are searching about on google. If you don’t want to give them the details, it’s your own business, and we are not the ones who you have to question about the same thing.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

If you want to use our website, you must adhere to all our rules. With it, you may be allowed to use our services because if found you are doing un-bearable activities on the platform, we will block you from entering the website. Meanwhile, you need to ask us why we have done it.