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YouTube Comment Pickers without Login

YouTube Comment Pickers is an online tool designed for Influencers, Marketers, or businesses that have plenty of subscribers on their YouTube channel and want to give back to the audiences by hosting a giveaway.

The reasons for hosting such types of giveaways/contests are to increase the popularity of the YouTube channels along with giving any gift, free service, or shout-out to the subscribers. The best thing about using a YouTube comment Pickers is that it’s free for anyone and an unlimited number of winners can be selected with the help of this tool, which is outstanding.

What are the Advantages of using YouTube Comment Pickers?

In general, the advantages of using a YouTube Comment Pickers are numerous. However, depending upon the most effective advantages, we are going to mention some of them for you so you can get an idea of why you should use them as an influencer, marketer, or business.


When you try to use a YouTube Comment Pickers for the reasons of selecting a winner in a giveaway/contest, the outcomes tend to be transparent. Yes, there would be zero cheating elements found in the tools, which makes a sense of satisfaction in your mind that the winner is selected on a merit basis.

In the YouTube Comment Pickers, many filters are introduced that you are capable of setting on your terms to get one or multiple winners’ names. Yes, the participants who have followed all of the rules that you have selected would be the winner of the giveaway/contest. Therefore, the result will remain accurate.


YouTube Comment Pickers provides you with the benefit of selecting one or multiple winners within minutes. Everything will be done in the auto-mode, which demands no effort from your side and that’s what makes it more efficient in terms of usage.

In the old times, anyone who wishes to host a giveaway/contest must need go through all of the comments depending upon the rules they have set. After selecting the deserving persons, it becomes harder for them to choose one out of them. But now, the tools have made it pretty easier for the host to just put the Contest/giveaway video link in the tool and get the results.

More Time to Do Other Things:

One of the important things in making the YouTube giveaway/contest meaningful and successful is to put a lot of work into it. Well, it can be possible when you make extra efforts on the things that are important.

When you demand more time to perform other things, it can become possible for you with the help of a YouTube Comment-Pickers. In other words, you can feel relaxed by the fact that the tool is available for you to select the winner. Therefore, you can put more interest towards the things that are important in making the contest/giveaway more aesthetic and worthy.

When we say the other important things; it all depends upon you to spend time on the things that you may feel are worthier.


As we have said earlier, YouTube Comment Pickers is an advanced yet free tool that can get you the winners of the contest/giveaway that you have hosted based on your own rules. Therefore, you don’t have to pay a single penny to anyone to get the results onto the screen.


Normally, most internet users are not well aware of tools-related things. Therefore, it becomes harder for them to use it for whatever reasons. But, the YouTube Comment Pickers tool is designed in a way that can be easily understandable to use. So, whether you are an expert or a newbie, you can easily go through all of the things in the tool and use it for whatever purpose without any hurdles.

How Can You use YouTube Comment Pickers?

You have learned about the benefits of YouTube Comment Pickers along with other important things. Now, the next thing that is important for you to understand is the usage of the tool. For that, we are describing everything in steps for you so you could get a better idea about it.

Step 1: First of all, you need to get on to the YouTube Comment Pickers section of the “”. Meanwhile, you need to open the YouTube platform and go to the Giveaway/contest video. From there, copy the link of the video and now paste it onto the text field of the YouTube section of the tool.

Step 2: In the second step, you will see plenty of filter options to tick mark on the tool. These are the options that you are mandatory to check mark to get the winner at the end. There would be a lot of participants who don’t follow the right way to participate. So, the filtration feature will help out in excluding those participants from the contest/giveaway.

Step 3: In the third step, you need to wait for some time until the winner will show up on the screen. Usually, it will take time to select the winners from the list of comments posted on the YouTube giveaway/contest video. So, patience is mandatorily required for it.

How to Get YouTube Video Link?

You need to first open the YouTube platform and then open the video. Below the video, you will see some options such as like, dislike, share, and save. Well, you need to click on the Share option and it will show you different sub-options. From there, you have to click on the link option and a video link will show up that you have to copy and paste to the YouTube comment Pickers tool.

What are the Important Features of YouTube Comment Pickers?

For making the whole Giveaway/contest transparent and based on merit, YouTube comment Pickers has introduced some features, which are also known as filters. So, below you can get the basic idea of the filters to host the giveaway/contest better.

Remove the Winners:

Let’s say you have hosted a YouTube Video Giveaway/contest in the past and selected a winner, if you don’t want the previous winners to again win the contest/giveaway, you can tick-mark on the “Remove the winners” filter of the tool to make this happen. Even when the previous winners will participate in the contest/giveaway, with the help of this filter, their names will be removed.

Blacklist Users:

The blacklist users filter is helpful for you to remove a selected number of participants from the giveaway before the tool decides on the winner. Yes, you can do it by tick-mark this filter option and typing in the names of the participants by putting a comma after including a winner. It will help out to exclude or backlist all the mentioned participants from the contest/giveaway easily.

Include Extra Entries:

The Extra entries filter is included in the tool to enter the names of the participants who are subscribing to the channel and liking the video by providing them with an extra change. All of the names that you enter in this feature will not filter from the giveaway/contest video.

Specific Text Filtration:

The Specific text filtration will help you to get the data of the participants who have followed the rules of the giveaway/contest adequately. In other words, this filter will exclude all those participants who have not correctly participated in the contest/giveaway. So, only the right participant’s name will be considered.

Replied Comments:

When you don’t tick-mark this feature of the filter, the tool will only consider the comments that are posted by the users. Meanwhile, the replies that those comments have got not entertained at all. Therefore, tick-mark this filter will help the tool to consider those comments as well. So, if those peoples who have replied to the comments are capable to win, their names would be considered as well for the contest/giveaway.

Duplicate Users:

The majority of the Participants have the bad habit of posting multiple comments with the same profile on a YouTube giveaway/contest. Why? Well, they try to do it by making their chances of winning. However, the duplicate user filter is pretty clever to remove the duplicate user comments and only consider only one comment that they have posted earlier. In this way, no spam comments would negatively affect the giveaway/contest.

How YouTube Comment Pickers Works?

As far as you have read out the entire information, it becomes easier for you to understand the entire working of the YouTube Comment Pickers. However, we still believe to put some more words on this topic to clear all of your doubts when you make up your mind to use it more.

First of all, you need to understand that the entire YouTube Comment Pickers tool depends upon the filtration features. Without tick-marking these filters; it won’t be possible for you to select the winner. Else, the whole giveaway/contest won’t be transparent or merit-based. All of the unreliable or fake participants will remove from the giveaway/contest with the help of the filters.

Every participant who is genuinely playing their part in participating in the giveaway/contest, their names will show up on the top considerations and the winners will select from the same list of participants.

The entire goal of offering the YouTube Comment Pickers services is to keep the whole procedure merit-based. So no cheeky activity or fraudulent services would affect the entire meaning of hosting the giveaway/contest.

In the end, the most amazing thing about considering the YouTube Comment Pickers tool is that your workload gets minimal and you have plenty of time to do the other important things. Everything will remain as easier as possible for you, which is outstanding.

Why Comment Pickers?

JahaSoft Ltd is the one who has designed and developed a YouTube comment Pickers for all of the YouTube Influencers, Service providers, and businesses to host a giveaway and give back something to the subscribers.

Basically, JahaSoft Ltd has decades of experience in providing exceptional services with the help of expert minds on various technological aspects to the people. Meanwhile, its registered with several notable departments, which makes its services authentic and reliable for everyone.

Besides that, we are pleased to tell you that our platform is secure for everyone who is visiting to select winners. Yes, we have invested a hefty amount of money in the technological resources and humans that make our platform super secure for anyone to use.

Apart from that, if you are facing any kind of issues at the time using our services, we provide 24/7 support. Yes, our customer support center is always there to listen to your queries and provide the best solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

YouTube Comment Pickers is a tool that you can use in a platform. We have not launched any application of this tool. But, it might be possible that we would launch it in the future depending upon the needs of the visitors.

There are no limitations in the tool on the number of the contest when you put any YouTube Giveaway/contest link in the text field. However, you need to be patient when waiting for the winner’s name as our tool first excludes the participants who are not capable to win, and then the random winner gets selected who has followed all of the rules.

No, we have not set any limitations on the usage of the platform. You have the full authority to use this tool an unlimited amount of times.

No, we are not charging a single penny from our customers to use our tool. However, we have to bear the expenses of this platform, which covers the advertisements you see on the platform.

Well, it might be possible that the comments are disabled for the YouTube Video link that you have pasted on the text field. Else, the video might be removed from the YouTube platform. So, both cases are evident in the circumstances.

Yes, you can select as many winners as you want from the Filters that we have provided in our tool.

YouTube Comment Pickers is a free tool that you can use to select a random comment out of a YouTube giveaway/contest video. However, you can set up rules using the filters on the tool that can exclude the non-qualified or fake personalities and only shows the real winner details on the screen for you.