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Instagram Comment Pickers without Login

Instagram comment Pickers is an online tool that can give you the winner’s name for an Instagram contest/giveaway hosted on your account. The best thing about this tool is that it’s free for anyone and has no limitations over usage. 

Anyone who has an Instagram account as an influencer, Business person, or service provider can make good use of this tool. Why? Because they must have a tremendous number of followers on the account who are always connected to their posts. In return, you should need to pay them back with something that can keep them connected with you for a long period. In that case, the use of a giveaway/contest tends to be the best thing. 

When you use Instagram comment Pickers for Giveaway/contest winner’s results, you don’t need to consider only the posts. With this tool, you can host a giveaway/contest on Reels and videos to get the winner’s name. Yes, the Instagram comment Pickers allows you to get the winner result from videos and reels as well. On top of that, the Instagram comment Pickers can show single or multiple winners from a contest.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Comment Pickers?

Instagram comment Pickers has different benefits for different users. But, some of the universal benefits that we believe you need to know earlier are mentioned below.

Plenty of Things to Do:

You are hosting a giveaway/contest that is supposed to pay back something to the dedicated and loving followers on Instagram who are the main reasons you excel on the platform. However, you can attain positive aspects from the giveaway/contest. Well, that needs to be planned earlier and it requires a lot of time. 

When you use the Instagram comment Pickers, it will get you the winner’s name on the screen within seconds. The same procedure if you do manually will take a lot of time so you can’t be able to plan plenty of the things to make the contest/giveaway beneficial. So, it’s the first benefit you can consider when using the tool.


Instagram Comment Pickers comes with Filtration where you can get different features. The use of the features is dependent upon the needs or preferences of the person. But, the point that needs to be mentioned here is that the right usage of the features will get you accurate results for an Instagram contest/giveaway.

If you do the entire procedure manually, you will get some errors or mistakes in the selection of the winner. However, the error exceptions are zero in the Instagram comment Pickers.


You can select single or multiple winners with the help of an Instagram Comment Pickers in less than a minute. Yes, you don’t need to do the entire procedure manually as it’s time-consuming. However, the use of a comment Pickers will do everything instantly. On top of that, humans tend to make errors when selecting a winner from a giveaway/contest. However, the tools show errors rarely. 

Not only the tool gets you the winner result in less time; but, it also helps in showing the error with no errors. These two aspects help out you to show the winner’s name instantly and on a merit basis. One thing that you also need to know about the tool is that it picks the winner’s name randomly so no favor will be for any participants and the results will be on a merit basis.


The last amazing benefit of using Instagram Comment Pickers is that it’s free. Yes, you don’t have to purchase a subscription to the tool at all. So those who are mainly thinking about the budget should not need to worry about it at all. 

How to use Instagram Comment Pickers?

Step 1: First of all, you have to log in to your Instagram account but you need to do it inside the tool rather than log in individually on the google search engine. Yes, that’s the first requirement for you to do to begin the winner’s selection procedure.

Step 2: The second step you need to take is to allow the required permission to the tool. These permissions will be based on reading the content of the Instagram account. Yes, it will not change anything from the account.

Step 3: In the third step, you need to open the Giveaway/contest post. Meanwhile, you have to click on the button that initiates “Start” to begin the random winning process. 

Step 4: In the last step, you need to save the results by clicking on the share button. Yes, it will help out in saving the results that you can later post to the Instagram account to announce the winner. 

How Does Instagram Comment Pickers Work?

Instagram Comment Pickers is based on the filtrations available to the tool. Yes, you have the option to select one or multiple winners from the comments that are posted on the reels, videos, or posts. 

All of the features inside the filtration can be selected depending on your needs. With every feature, there will be a tick mark that you need to click if you need a similar feature. After that, the process will begin accordingly and the winner’s name will be shown on the screen for you.

The best thing about using these features inside the filtration is that it will choose the winners on a random basis. Yes, no one will be purposely selected for the contest/giveaway, which will draw a scenario that everything will be done on a merit basis. 

What is the List of Features Available in Instagram Comment Pickers?

Select an Instagram Post:

The select Instagram post feature is included for you to select where you are hosting the contest/giveaway and get the result. You may be hosting the giveaway/contest on posts, videos, or reels, so you can select one of them with the help of this feature.

Minimum Amount of Mentions:

If you are hosting an event where you didn’t mention the rule where those who are commenting on the post, videos, or reels need to mention their friends, then there is no need to use this filter. However, if you have set up the rules in a contest/giveaway where the participants must need to mention several people in the contest/giveaway comment section, then you can enter the numbers in the text field.  

Filter Comments:

If you are using the above feature, then this feature will be applied to you to use. Otherwise, you can’t use this filter at all. Well, the reason for this filter is to consider only those participants for the giveaway/contest who have mentioned the same amount of friends in the comment. Let’s say a person has not mentioned any friends in the comment, then they will be automatically removed from the giveaway/contest with the help of this tool.

Filter Duplicate Users:

Some participants have the bad habit of posting multiple comments from a similar account. Well, this can ruin the entire giveaway/contest along with spamming in the comments section. If you want the extra comments from a similar account to be not considered, then you can use this filter that will automatically not consider the extra comments of the participant from a single account and only consider the first comment of the participant. 

Include Comment Replies:

If you want the people who have replied to the comments to compete, you can tick-mark this filter. In this way, it will also consider all of the people who have replied to the comments as participants. 

Extra Entries:

The extra entries allow you to include any extra entries in the tool. Directly, the extra entries don’t make any impact on the comments section. However, it’s considered as a whole in the entire comments. If you want to include extra entries, you can use a comma between every entry you put into the text field.

Blacklist Users:

The blacklist user’s filter gives you the freedom to not select specific names in the tool for the competition results. These specific names would be anyone like the previous winners or the ones who are making a negative impact on the entire contest/giveaway. For every name, you have to put a comma in between; otherwise, this filter won’t properly work for you. So, you have to remember it in your mind when entering the participants’ names.

Remove Winner:

The majority of the time, the tool shows only one name for a contest/giveaway post that you have put into the tool for a result. The tool selects the same winner and assumes it is a winner because the selection is based on a random basis. So, you need to alert them in advance to remove the winner from the list when you want to select multiple winners. In this way, the tool will get over smart and instantly the first winner’s name out of the participant’s list so such errors don’t happen.

Why Comment Pickers?

Instagram Comment Pickers is designed and developed by “JahaSoft Ltd”, who is providing different types of services to online users. With the help of expert team members and vast on-ground experience, we are standing in a position where the notable platforms in the world are taking our assistance to solve their problems. Alongside, we are registered by various relevant departments that ensure our reliability as a service provider.

One major thing that we must consider in all of our tool/service platforms is the strict security policies. Yes, we have invested a lot of money in the latest technologies and hired security experts to manage the task. Therefore, no third party would get the chance to perform any fishy technique on our platform. Besides that, we are making sure to deliver as a problem solver for our visitors, so you can contact us 24/7 for whatever issues you are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s because you are connected with an ad-blocker or any extension that might be stopping you from log-in into our platform. If you are facing such issues, you have to turn off all of the extensions and try to log in again; hopefully, you will easily log in to our platform by following the mentioned method.

Sometimes you have to face such types of errors while using our platform. In such a situation, you need to make sure that the filters available on the screen are used in the right way. If you have made any mistake in the selection, try to re-correct it. Also, it would happen for the reasons of not allowing permission for the tool. Therefore, you have to check that aspect as well to ensure that it’s not happening because of that. Also, you should log out of the account and log in again and perform the steps again. Still, if you are facing any issues, you can contact us and we will try to resolve your issue.

You already understand that we are not offering any extension for this too, so everything is inside a platform. For that reason, you just need to provide us the permission to link your Instagram account to our tool. In this way, we can read out the information on your Instagram account to begin the procedure of selecting the winner. Remember, we are only asking permission to read the profile and the contest/giveaway post, there is nothing we can change from your account. So, you need to be relaxed from that side.

Although Instagram Comment checker is free; therefore, it might create some questions in your mind that whether it’s good to use the service or not. Despite offering the services for free, we have invested hefty amount in the development of this tool by taking the help of expert developers. Therefore, there are zero cases where the results would appear wrong. We don’t forcefully show the results as everything happens randomly. So, whatever result you will get from this tool, it will be natural and reliable.

No, there are no limitations set for the usage of this tool. You are free to use it for unlimited times in a day, month, or year.