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Twitter Retweet Pickers without Login

Twitter Comment Pickers is an online free tool that comes in a platform version for Twitter users who have thousands of followers on their accounts and they want to host a contest or giveaway where the winners are selected on a random basis.

As a Twitter account holder, you must be looking to pay back the followers who re-tweet or like anything you tweet on your account. So, there is nothing better than a Twitter comment Pickers that allows you to transparently select the winners and give them the honor with a gift, free services, or anything relevant to your account.

While you are hosting the contest/giveaways for the followers to pay them back; there is a lot you can get in return. Yes, you can put different tasks in the giveaway/contest like mentioning other in the tweet or just sharing it with as many people as possible. So, more and more people will get connected to your account and you will have a substantial amount of popularity.

What are the Benefits of Twitter Comment Pickers?

Twitter Comment Pickers has an unlimited amount of benefits for a user. However, the ones that are major for everyone are mentioned below.


When you take the help of a Twitter Comment Pickers for a contest/giveaway, the results coming for it will be accurate. With the help of the available settings; you are capable of restricting all of the participants who are doing it wrong. So, the higher chances will generate for all the genuine participants to win it.


On Auto-mode, you are free to select one or multiple winners with the help of a Twitter Comment Pickers from a contest/giveaway. Yes, you don’t necessarily need to go through every retweet, likes, or reply to the tweets yourself to select the deserving winner. In general, following this procedure can get you to make the wrong decisions. Therefore, the use of a Twitter comment Pickers will make it much easier for you in no time. Yes, the time you would have to consume in selecting the winner, you can select it in a shorter period with the help of a Twitter comment Pickers.

Multiple Things to Perform: 

You are hosting a Twitter giveaway/contest for the reason of giving back something to the followers. But, at the same time, you would be expecting to get some benefits as well. So, getting those benefits is possible for you when you have a solid mindset to do the things that can make it more successful. For that reason, you can save plenty of time due to the help of the Twitter comment Pickers and patiently do the other important things to create the contest/giveaway. In other words, the time you should consume for selecting the winner manually will be cut-off for you and you can utilize that time for other important things.


Twitter comment Pickers is an online tool that can help you to select a winner for a Twitter contest/giveaway for free. Also, it selects the winners on a random basis so the use of this tool is like selecting a winner on basis of merit.

How to use Twitter Comment-Pickers?

Compared to the other Comment Pickers you get on our platform; Twitter Comment Pickers usage is quite tricky and different. Below are the steps that can easily help you understand it.

Step 1: 

First of all, you need to log in to the Twitter account on this tool. Well, the account needs to be the same as where you are hosting the contest/giveaway. To log-in Twitter account; you need to open the and click on the Twitter comment Pickers section.

Step 2: 

In the second step, you need to select the type of Twitter contest. Well, we are offering three types to select a winner depending on the needs of the users. You can easily select the winners by considering any one type out of the three. You can host multiple contests/giveaways at the same time and use these contest types for that. It’s included for making the selection criteria of the contest/giveaway diversified.

Step 3: 

In the third step, you have to select the number of settings available to select a winner from the Twitter contest/giveaway. These settings are included in the tool to make a wise decision in selecting the winner. You will easily get an idea about the settings when you use the tool for the first time.

Step 4: 

In the fourth step, you need to make sure that all of the settings are correct and that you have log-in to the right account. Now, all you need is to click on the button to proceed with the comment Pickers procedure. Wait for a while as it will take some time to show you the winner’s names on the screen.

How Does Twitter Comment Pickers Works?

The entire procedure of selecting one or multiple winners from a Twitter contest/giveaway is based upon the list of filtration. Yes, the right and understandable usage of the filters will allow you to restrict all of the participants who are not following the contest rules. Meanwhile, it will create room for others to be in the participation that is playing it genuinely. The filtrations will allow you to only get the winner names on a random basis that have made a positive impact in your contest/giveaway and they deserve to win. Meanwhile, the merit aspect comes inside this tool that doesn’t select one or multiple winners on a manual or forceful basis.

Every winner detail that pops-up on the screen for a giveaway/contest is purely on a merit basis. So, you don’t need to take time and manually go through the participant’s work. Everything will be done on auto-pilot for you, which can save you plenty of time.

What are the Lists of Features Available in Twitter Comment Pickers?

Just like the other Comment Pickers on our platform have a list of features to select the winners, Twitter comment Pickers also has its list of features.

Minimum Numbers of Followers:

The minimum number of followers’ filter can help you to initiate the number of followers on the text field. After you enter the number, it will exclude all the participants from the contest/giveaway who have fewer followers than what you have initiated. If you don’t want to put any limitations, you can leave the value to 0, then it will consider all of the participants. One major benefit of this filter is that it will remove all of the participants who are using multiple accounts to participate in the contest. Since they will not reach the follower’s threshold, their accounts will automatically remove from the contest/giveaway.

Twitter Contest Types:

We have initiated three different types in this filter that allows you to select the winners based on whatever type is suitable for you. Different Twitter users tend to host different types of Giveaways/contests, so the contest types of selection would help out in selecting the winner.

Within the types, you can tick marks on winners from Twitter followers, winners from likes of a tweet, and winners from retweets of a tweet.

Minimum Tweet Count:

Some of the followers might just get into your account for participation. They won’t have any background of retweeting your tweets or connecting with your account ever. So, it has to be mandatory for you to keep them away from the contest. Well, the minimum tweet count filter will help out in excluding those users from the contest who are not meant to be real.

Minimum Account age: 

After hearing about your Contest/Giveaway, many of the participants would try to create as many accounts as possible to win the contest. Therefore, restricting all those accounts should be mandatory for you to get the details of a genuine winner. For that, the use of the minimum account age filter will help you to enter the days in the text field, which will only consider the winners who have the same age as the account and are participating in the competition. So, it will make things quite harder for the fake participants.

The User Should Follow the Account:

If a tweeter account has not followed the contest/giveaway account but participating, then there is no need for them to be on the list of winners. For that, you can use this filter to easily exclude all of the participants who are not following you.

Users Should Like the Tweet:

This filter will only select those participants who have first liked the contest tweet and then re-tweeted. If you have made this rule in your contest/giveaway, so anyone who is not following it will automatically get removed from the contest/giveaway.

Participant Bio and Profile Picture:

The participant bio and profile picture are two individual filters in the features that you can tickmark. Well, the reason for this filter is to only consider all those accounts in the participations who have a genuine bio and real profile picture. If anybody is participating without having these two things in their accounts, they will be excluded from the competition.

Add Extra Entries:

If you have some extra entries in mind that you need to include in selecting the winner, you can add them with the help of this feature. It will not make any impact in removing the participants from the competition.

Remove Winners:

The removal of winners is helpful in the contest/giveaway where you want more than one winner. It will remove the winner from the contest, so one winner can’t be selected multiple times in the contest/giveaway.

Exclude Users:

You can exclude the users from the contest/giveaway winner selection before it starts processing with the help of this feature. Yes, it will remove the mentioned persons before the process of selecting the winners begins. It can also help in excluding the participants who are participating with multiple accounts.

Why Comment Pickers?

JahaSoft Ltd is the pioneer of this Comment Pickers tool that provides people from different social media backgrounds to get the winner’s details for a contest/giveaway. We have created multiple platforms that are based on tools and are providing phenomenal outcomes to the users.

We have strict policies over the usage of our platform. It’s for the better security of our visitors who don’t have to feel any sort of uncertain security reasons for using our platform. We have invested a considerable amount of money in security-related resources and people.

Apart from that, the JahaSoft Limited is registered with the relevant authorities provides a sense of acceptance to the service providers to offer their services and consider them as genuine. So, there would be nothing you need to worry about or reliable services.

In the end, we are offering the services 24/7. If you feel any kind of issues using our services, you can contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We don’t have any extension that you can install in the browser to individually select the winner from the Twitter giveaway/contest. Therefore, we must need your Twitter account logged in inside our tool so we can read out the details of your Twitter profile and begin the process. Our tool is only liable to read out the information and there are no permissions for them to make any changes.

There are no subscription charges to use the Twitter comment Pickers. We are offering this tool for free to any Twitter user who wants to get the results for any giveaway/contest. Also, you are allowed to use the tool for an unlimited amount of time to get the winning results.

Just like you grant permission to this tool by logging in to the account inside the tool, you can disallow the permission by simply logging out of your Twitter account inside the tool. In this way, every data will automatically wipes-out along with all of the permissions will automatically remove from our system.

No, there are no limitations for you to use this tool. Although it’s free, still, you dare to use it for an unlimited amount of time.