Your presence on this article shows that you have a Twitter account that has huge amount of followers. And now, you must be thinking about giving back to the followers so that you can show that how much you love and value each follower. Meanwhile, you want new people to visit your account and becomes a permanent follower.

Well, all of this is possible for you to do. Giveaway/contest is an outstanding way you can improvise the reach of your twitter account and many people would take participation on it. Although you are giving them the prize in the end, but, you will also get something back In result of huge followers.

If you have made a firm plan to start a twitter giveaway/contest campaign in the few days, there must be some important rules that you should never forget. Without these rules, your twitter account gets penalized from the Administration side. It’s good to read about those rules before starting a random campaign.



Always Disapprove the Creation of Multiple Accounts:

In order to win the Contest/giveaway, many participants try to trick the system by creating multiple accounts and take participation. As per their belief, creating multiple accounts to participate in the giveaway can make a lot of possibilities for them to become the winners, which is totally a fraudulent activity.

So, whenever you try to host a twitter Giveaway/contest, make sure to mention about not to create multiple twitter accounts to participate in the Contest/giveaway. Also, mention that whoever does this will straightaway get disqualified from the contest/giveaway.


Stop Them to Retweet the Same Tweet Again and Again:

As per the Twitter rules, sharing of similar links, updates, or tweets from an account is considered as violation of the platform usage. It creates a lot of issues that depreciates the quality of the platform. Therefore, whenever you are hosting a twitter giveaway/contest, make sure to mention everything relevant to it in the tweet.


Ask People to Mention You in Their Tweets:

Twitter has mentioned in its official website that whoever is hosting a giveaway/contest on their twitter account, they must need to ask the participants to mention you in their updates so every entry that is updated on the twitter platform relevant to your giveaway/contest would easily shows to you.

If you do a public search on twitter related to your giveaway/contest, it’s not possible that every participant update on their account will appear to you on to the screen.


Ask to Use Relevant Hashtags:

Since you are running a giveaway/contest on Twitter, you must create a hash tag that is relevant to it. So, anyone who participates by including the same hash tag in their tweet will be considered as the real participant. However, twitter suggest that you should always try to include the hash tags that are totally relevant to your contest/giveaway. Any of the hash tag that is not relevant to the topic of giveaway/contest will be considered as bad and it also violates the twitter rules.



Running a Twitter giveaway/contest is not simple and done on random basis. You must need to think about variety of ideas and see the giveaway that has already done by other accounts. All of this is to be done to make the giveaway/contest as effective as possible.

If you don’t know where to start, then this part of the article will get you handful tips to think and implement in your future giveaway/contest.


Short Tweets:

Exaggerating the giveaway/contest tweet is not a good thing as it can confuse the followers and they would dig into various misconceptions. Meanwhile, the Twitter rules doesn’t allow account holders to write hundreds of thousands of words in each tweet. There is a limit, so you should curate the ideas where everything will be mentioned for the participants and it won’t exceed the words.

One best way to keep the tweet short is to only discuss about the rules in the description. However, mention everything about the contest on the Image or video that you post into the tweet. It will easily include everything in the tweet, which is important for the followers to read out.


Use of Videos, GIFs, and Images:

As already mentioned earlier about the image and Video, but you can also go with the GIFs ideas to include into the giveaway/contest post. All of this will definitely make the post attractive as anything that is written in words is less appealing than visualization information.


Keep It Simple:

Participants are always in a rush and they never reads out the information that is hard to understand. So, whenever you are hosting a Twitter Giveaway/contest, try to keep everything as simple as possible. Call to action strategy would definitely help you out to easily tell the participant about the rules and anything else. So, even when they are in a rush, everything would be clear for them.


Always Use Branded Hashtags:

If you are running a Twitter account with a specific name and wants others know you with the same name, it becomes a brand. So, whenever you are hosting a giveaway/contest, try to include branded hashtags. It will help huge amount of Twitter users to know about your name, which will definitely help you out in the future.


Consider other Influencers:

If you have the budget or someone already famous on Twitter is your friend/family member, you can consider them as an influencer to collaborate with you. Basically the idea is to ask them to share your contest/giveaway post on their accounts. It will easily and instantly improvise the authority of the Contest and giveaway and would be reached to as many people as possible.



Twitter retweet pickers kind of tool is available in the market for every twitter content creator to select a winner from a giveaway/contest. You can setup the settings as per your needs and the tool will get you the result on the screen accordingly without any hurdles, which is amazing.