TikTok Comment Pickers is free to use online tool platform where you can easily get the winner result of a TikTok giveaway/contest post. Yes, you can achieve it within minutes and the best thing about this tool is that it’s free with no limitations on usage.

Those of you who have a tremendous amount of followers on TikTok must need to host a giveaway/contest. Why? Because it can provide you the chance to pay back something like a gift, free services, or anything else to the users. The followers who are connected with your account for a long time must appreciate this gesture and they will stay with you for longer periods. Also, the reasons for hosting a giveaway/contest are beneficial as they can improve your following on the platform based on different popularity tactics you can include in the giveaway/contest as a rule.

Apart from that, there are various other important things inside the tool that you will get to know about after using it for the first time. All those things will be crucial for you in obtaining the winner’s result. Moreover, this tool can get you not one but multiple winners’ results on the screen for one giveaway/contest.

What are the Benefits of TikTok Comment Pickers?

Just like the other comment Pickers, we have introduced some benefits, TikTok Comment Pickers also provides you with some advantages. Below are the following benefits that you can consider for your giveaway/contest.


You can get different features in the Tool as it comes with filtrations. All of your needs or preferences co-relate with these features or filtrations. The results you will get tend to be accurate due to the use of filters.

Those of you who have already hosted a giveaway/contest on Tiktok must know that the winner selection process is long and problematic sometimes. However, the use of TikTok Comment Pickers makes sure that the results tend to appear in less time and that there would be zero errors. On top of that, the winner selection is on a random basis which ensures the reliability of this platform.

Plenty of Things to Do:

You have made a huge importance on TikTok that is because of the followers who are constantly supporting you. Therefore, you have planned a giveaway/contest for them. But wait, does the contest/giveaway needs to be in a random way? There is a big no to this question. Therefore, you must require a lot of time to plan things that can go in the best way possible.

For that reason, the use of TikTok comment Pickers is an outstanding option that can get you the results within a few minutes. Compared to that, the manual procedure tends to be time-consuming. So, that plenty of things that you should do for a successful giveaway/contest are impossible with manual winner selection. Hence, the use of the TikTok comment Pickers makes it easier for you to get the winner’s result and allows you to perform other important things instead of wasting time on selecting the winner manually.


The use of TikTok Comment Pickers is beneficial because it’s free with no subscription charges. Yes, we are offering you the services for free and with no limitations. Although we do pay maintenance charges for this platform, we cover the investments from advertisement agencies whose ads we place on our platform.


TikTok Comment Pickers is designed and developed by professionals that ensure its works as efficiently as possible for the users. On top of that, it remains similar to showing you the results on the screen. So, you can easily get the winner’s name within seconds which is impossible with checking the results manually. Besides that, the fast results are never error-based as we have designed it in a manner where the results are shown randomly.

How to use TikTok Comment Pickers?

TikTok Comment Pickers use is not rocket science as it requires some crucial steps to follow. Below is the list of steps that you need to follow to use this platform.

Step 1: First of all, you have to log in to your TikTok account inside the tool. When you first open the platform, click on the TikTok comment Pickers section and it will show you the log-in button.

Step 2: In the second step, you need to grant permission to this tool. Here, you need to understand that the permissions are based on only allowing the tool to read out the account information including the giveaway/contest post. In this way, it will be possible for the tool to begin the process and show you the winner’s name. There is nothing you need to worry about at all.

Step 3:

In the third step, you need to go to the giveaway/contest post. At the same time, you have to click on the start button to begin the winner selection process.

Step 4: In the fourth step you will already get the winner’s name. However, you may need to share it with the participants on the TikTok account. So, you can click on the share button that will allow you to do so. Otherwise, you can take a screenshot and share it with the other participants.

How Does TikTok Comment Pickers Work?

TikTok Comment Pickers is entirely dependent on the filtrations/features of the tool. These filters allow you to get single or multiple winners’ names on the screen from the list of comments that are posted on the TikTok post.

The filtrations introduced by the tool for the users have a different perspective of usage. Depending on your perspective, you can go through these features and make sure that the results will come out in a relevant way for you. Also, these filtrations make sure that the selection of winners doesn’t give favor to anyone. As it will be on a random basis, it will bring adequate results.

What is the List of Features Available in the TikTok Comment Pickers?

Winner Count:

The winner count feature is introduced to decide how many winners you want from a contest/giveaway. In the text field, you can enter the winners in numbers and the tool will show you the winner’s name accordingly. If you only want one winner, you can enter the value “1” in the text field.

Blacklist User: 

The blacklist user feature allows you to remove specific names from the giveaway/contest depending on your needs. You could use it for those who have already won the previous giveaway/contest and you don’t want them to win it again. Else, you can also use it for those who have participated not fairly in the previous contest/giveaway or those who are trying to make hurdles in the current giveaway/contest. In short, for all those factors that appear negative in front of you, you can consider this feature for that reason.

Text/Emoji in Comments:

Let’s say you have created a rule where the participants must need to use a text or emoji in the comment section, those who don’t follow this rule and comment on the video are not liable to win. Here, the use of this feature will make sure to remove all those users from the winner’s list. In the text field, you just need to put the text/emoji so this feature can work out for you.

Minimum mention count: 

Let’s say you have created a rule where you want people to mention an account and use hashtags of specific terms, those who don’t follow it will be kicked out from the contest/giveaway straight away. For that, you can use this feature where you can initiate the minimum mention count in numbers and then use the two sub-text fields that can allow you to enter the mentioned account and the hashtags individually.

Duplicate user:

If participants have commented multiple times from a single account, it’s not fair play in the competition from their side. Well, you can cope with this situation by using the duplicate user feature. Tick-mark this feature will automatically remove all of the multiple comments of similar accounts and only considers the first comment of the user.

Why Comment Pickers?

JahaSoft Ltd” is the one who has developed and designed the TikTok Comment Pickers for the online user. Vast on-ground experience and the help of experienced developers have made it possible to provide you with a quality product as a result of this tool. Not only this tool platform but several other platforms are designed and developed for people to solve their problems.

Many online users have concerns over the use of different platforms. Well, the “JahaSoft Ltd” that has designed and developed this tool is registered with various authorities and departments, which makes it a reliable option for anyone.

Besides that, we are very strict about the secure environment of our platform. In simple words, we have invested a considerable amount in the technologies and human help that makes it possible for us to keep third parties not to do any negative activities on our platform.

In the end, we are here to help you 24/7 with whatever issues you are facing on our platform.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is TikTok Comment Pickers?

It’s a free online tool platform that can get you winners’ results for the giveaway/contest you are hosting on the TikTok account. Selection of the winner on a merit basis is possible with the help of Filters that you can also consider as features. Also, the winners’ names are shown on a random basis which doesn’t give favor to specific participants at all.

Why Winners are not shown for my Contest/Giveaway?

It may be possible that you won’t get the winner’s name when using our tool for a contest/giveaway. Well, the possibility of such a scenario is possible when you are using a private TikTok video link or someone else link. Since the tool doesn’t have permission to read that post, there will be no winner name appearing on the screen.

Moreover, sometimes our system has to deal with issues due to the traffic load and you may not get the winner’s name on the screen. In such cases, you can close the tool and get back to it again to get the winning results.

Why do I need to allow Permission for this tool?

You have read plenty of times in the previous section about the reasons for permission. Still, if you didn’t read out the entire information, it’s because our tool needs to read out the content on your TikTok profile. Especially, the giveaway/contest video needs to be read out properly to get the winner’s result. Without it, we can’t be able to show you the winner’s name on the screen.

Is it reliable to use?

We can understand that reliability concerns are in your mind since we are offering the services for free. Well, although the services are free, we are earning the amount from advertisements. Meanwhile, we are making huge investments in the accuracy and security of this tool from the advertisement money. Hence, it makes this platform to be on the top level and provides reliable results along with showing the safety of usage for our visitors.

Are there any limitations of use?

There are no limitations over the use of this tool for anyone. Whether you are using it hundred times in one day, month, or year, you are free to use it depending upon your preferences.