Reddit Comment Pickers is free to use online tool that comes in a platform where you can easily select a winner from your Reddit giveaway/contest post by considering one or multiple participants who have commented on the post. The best thing about this tool is that the winners are selected on a random basis so there would be no cheating or favor for any specific participant.

The question arises here why do you need it? Well, you may be a popular personality on Reddit who would easily pay back the audiences connected with the topics you post on the account. So, paying back to them is quite logical as a result of a giveaway/contest. You can give free services, promotions, gifts, or anything relevant to it. In the end, all of the account holders who are connected to your Reddit profile will be there for longer terms and you can easily improve the popularity of the account too.

When we talk about popularity, so you have the option to set the rules in a giveaway where the participants would have to mention other friends in the post or share It with others. So, it will automatically create a chance for you to get more popular on the platform.

What are the Benefits of Reddit Comment Pickers?


As mentioned earlier, the usage of Reddit comment Pickers is free for anyone. Moreover, it selects one or multiple winners on a random basis, which ensures the reliability of the tool. So, all these things bring a sense of competitiveness to this tool to the user.


Normally, if you want to select a winner from a Reddit giveaway/contest, you need to check out all of the replies in the Reddit post. Also, compare each comment with the set of rules you have decided for the giveaway/contest. Most importantly, if you have to select multiple winners, then things will get much harder and more time-consuming for you.

The use of the Reddit comment Pickers will perform all of the manual tasks in auto-mode. Yes, there will be no need for you to check out each participant’s performance and select the winners. Everything will be easily pre-determined on the tool with the help of filters, which will select the winner on a random basis within a few seconds. Time is surely money and this tool can consume less time to bring the result onto the screen, which is outstanding.

Multiple Things to Do:

You have already made up your mind to pay back something to the Reddit audience by hosting a contest/giveaway. For that, you are planning to decide what objects would be better to include in the contest/giveaway post that could make it look good along with providing benefits to you in the giveaway. Well, when you try to use the Reddit comment Pickers, it will become possible for you to think about the best alternatives inside without worrying about the time. Why? Because you have a sigh of relief that the tool will instantly bring you the result and you don’t have to waste your time on selecting the winners manually. With this approach, you can get a lot of time to think about the other important things about the giveaway/contest.


When you try to manually select the winner from a Reddit contest/giveaway, the possibilities are higher that you can make errors in the selection. Else, you can mistakenly select a winner who is not meant to be the ideal one for the contest. In such situations, there would be a lot of accuracy issues in the selection of the winner.

However, the use of a Reddit comment Pickers ensures that there will be zero error in the selection of one or multiple winners. Therefore, the random base winner selection will make the competition genuine.

How to Use Reddit Comment Pickers?

To select a winner from the Reddit contest/giveaway post, you need to know the entire procedure of using the Reddit comment Pickers. Well, you can do it by following the steps below.

Step 1: First of all, you have to log in to your Reddit account inside the tool. For that, you need to get to the official website and click on the Reddit comment Pickers section. After that, it will show you the Reddit home page inside the tool where you have to put the log-in details and click on the log-in button.

Step 2: In the second step, you need to go to the same Reddit post and click on the link where you have started the giveaway/contest. Meanwhile, you will get some settings of the Reddit comment Pickers that you need to tick mark depending upon your needs.

Step 3: After setting up the settings inside the tool, you need to click on the option that will begin the random winner selection. Wait for a moment until the results will appear on the screen.

Step 4: After you got the result on the screen, you can take a screenshot or the save option on the tool that you can do to share the results later with the audience.

How Does Reddit Comment Pickers Works?

In the Reddit comment Pickers, the main thing that you need to give importance to is the filtration or features. These filtrations or features are the pre-determined options that you have to tick-mark depending on your needs. By following these tick-marks, the tool gets an idea of which account holder needs to be excluded and which one needs to be considered in the winning list.

The tick-marking of these options plays an important role in the genuine selection of the winner. Although the tool shows random winners on the screen; however, it still creates a reason where the selections are made purely on a merit basis.

Also, when you share the results with the audiences, they will get the idea that the selection is made with the help of the tool. So, they will understand properly that nothing has been done on a personal consideration and the one who has won the contest/giveaway should be the deserving person.

Besides that, no need for you to manually check the comments from the Reddit giveaway/contest. So, it will save plenty of time for you as well, which is outstanding.

What are the Lists of Features Available in Reddit Comment Pickers?

On “”, there are different social media comment Pickers for giveaway/contest winners selection. Therefore, every single one of them has its criteria for the list of features. Similarly, you will get unique or much-resembling features in the Reddit comment Pickers too. So, let’s discuss them in the below sections.

Blacklist users:

The blacklist users’ features are considered in the tools based on the host’s desire to not include specific users who they believe compete for negative purposes or those who have already won the previous contest/giveaway and are again participating in the competition.

You can simply enter the lists of names by putting commas after every user name you enter in the text field. It will automatically remove all of the mentioned participants from the winner’s list. However, you need to be careful with entering the names as it needs to be case-sensitive and correct.

Add Extra Entries:

The add extra entries feature helps you to include anything extra inside the tool. The data entry of the extra entries has to be done in the same way just like you do in the blacklisted user. A comma needs to be placed after every entry. Remember, these entries have no direct connections with the commenters and you are only doing it to add to the whole amount of comments.

Comments Filtration Depending Upon the Specific Text:

Let’s say you have initiated a specific text in the Reddit giveaway/contest, so the participants must need to write up those comments in the comments. Otherwise, they will not consider competing. Well, you can use an answer, hashtag, text, or something else in the text field. After that, every participant who will write those texts, hashtags, text, or anything else would be considered in the winning list. The participants who don’t follow the rule will automatically remove from the competition.

Duplicate Users Filtration:

Duplicate user filtration refers to those participants who come with a single account but they try to do comments spam. Well, this approach is not considered to be good and can manipulate the entire activity of the contest/giveaway. Therefore, the usage of this feature will allow you to consider the first comment of the participant and refuse the other comments posted from the same account.

Minimum ups:

In Reddit, every comment that post by any Reddit author post gets votes, which gives an idea of how effective or important the comment is for the reader. Well, you can consider the same thing in the contest/giveaway to consider only those participants who attain more votes on their comments. In other words, you can use the minimum ups features where you can initiate the number of votes for a comment that is eligible to win in the contest/giveaway. The participants who will get less than the initiated number of votes will automatically remove from the competition.

Why Comment Pickers?

First of all, you should know that the makers of Reddit Comment Pickers and the entire platform is “JahaSoft Ltd”. Apart from this tool, we have created various other tools and platforms that are based upon providing solutions for the user’s problems just like the contest/giveaway comments selection you get here. So, it gives a clear idea that nobody will ever get frustrated or bad using our services.

Another element that we have taken care of is the security of the users. Yes, we do have concerns over making robust approaches with the help of advanced security-related tools and human help to make this platform safe for everyone. No third-party tool or person can ever make any negative impact on this platform as we don’t allow anyone to plan any fishy technique to our platform.

Apart from that, we always believe in the easiness of the users as not all of them are experts. Therefore, we have considered an easy-to-understand interface of this platform that will be pretty understandable and easier to use for any level of a computer user. Meanwhile, we do provide 24/7 customer support to everyone who will face any issues in our platform.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How much do your Services cost?

Right now, we are providing the services for free to anyone. We don’t have any plans to transfer it into a premium service. Although we do need to invest an amount in the maintenance of the platform; however, we will be considering advertisement policies for the website, which will get us a good amount of money to manage the website. Earnings will be based on the traffic of the website for every month.

How can I Disallow permission for Reddit to this tool?

You have to open the Reddit log-in page and enter your account details to log in inside the tool. Well, it means you are providing permission to this tool for all of your profile data. Now, you can disallow or remove the permission for this tool by just logging out of the account from the profile. Yes, it’s the simplest way to restrict the permission for the account.

Are there any limitations to the tool?

Although the tool offers free to use, it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to use it as many times. There are no limitations from our side and you can use this tool as many times as possible.

Why Do I Log-in my Reddit account inside the tool?

We are not providing the services in extension format where you only need to open the extension and select the winner by just opening the account individually. To select a winner, we must require the profile information that can enable us to grab all of the comments and choose one or multiple winners. That personal information is only readable for us as we can’t make any changes to it. So, everything will remain safe for you.